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I'm a father, friend, drummer, lover, fighter, writer, entrepreneur, teacher and truthfinder. Just an average Joe who's perfectly imperfect. I have earned a ton of life lessons the hard way. As a lifelong seeker of truth, I have come to realize that the answers I seek are always at the tip of my nose, just a little out of reach until I'm ready to embrace the reality of what's right in front of me.  


 I'm here to share my experiences and help you learn your lessons faster and with less resistance, so you can focus on what matters and enjoy the journey. 

Life has beautiful lessons to teach us. It's always for us, not against us.  When we ask and listen, embracing what is in front of us, instead of pushing it away, the truth can make itself known.

Forcing this process will never work, no matter how hard we push.  However, there is a better way. Stand in front of it. It's uncomfortable because we deny it, are not happy with what we think it says about our past/present/future and so we believe distance is the answer. As  uncomfortable as it may be however, facing it head on is the pathway through and provides clarity. 

Life is organic and dynamic. It flows like water s in a river.  There will will be still water, rushing rapids and an occasional waterfall. 

Jump in the boat and ride the current. Use your paddle to guide yourself towards where you want to go but trust the current to take you to where you want to be.


Be patient. Stay open.  Be ready. 

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